Monaco based Carte Blanche Design Studio, is a high-end design studio, offering services for luxury villas, apartments, yachts, restaurants, hotels, exceptional offices and more.

With over 15 years experience in the design industry and successful delivery of multiple international projects, the Carte Blanche Team utilise their experience, coupled with the utmost professionalism and boundless creativity, to turn their clients’ dreams into reality.

From the first meeting to delivery, Carte Blanche imagines, creates and delivers a turnkey project, leaving you worry-free and guaranteeing top quality from beginning to end. Materials such as wood, glass, metal and natural stone are combined harmoniously to create sophisticated interiors for all projects.   We research all of the latest innovations, products and design, so you know that you are being presented with the best options available at any given time.

“We feel the project should not only reflect you, it should also surpass all your expectations”

Carte Blanche Founder, Lydia Hegbourne

Whether a home, corporate space, development, private residence, or yacht, Carte Blanche Design will draw on our experience to create a truly bespoke luxurious space.

Our understanding and experience allow us to improve the layout, functionality and flow, so that it not only adds value to your property, but also compliments your lifestyle within the space.

Our small, close-knit team, work to create the best – no matter the scale, size, scope, budget or location. Above all, we love design and want to create spaces that work beautifully for the long term; and most importantly feel right for our clients.

At the heart of our ethos is customer care. Our client’s visions are transposed through thoughtful and responsible design, architecture and detailing to create beautiful bespoke interiors and exteriors that are truly unique.

At Carte Blanche Design we operate a flexible and transparent approach to our professional design services and put relationships at the forefront of our business. The design process is extremely personal and requires working closely with our clients, which in turn leads to longstanding relationships. This approach has led to repeat business and word of mouth recommendations, both of which we value highly.


Project design

Project coordination

Product sourcing

Product design

Owner supplies

Superyacht Interior design

Superyacht supplies

Commercial design

Architecture (London only)


Le Michelangelo, 7 Avenue des Papalins, 98000

Phone: + 377.